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In many luxury villas it is becoming increasingly important to provide an equally luxurious dining experience. Exceptional chefs and gastronomic cuisine go hand in hand with a vast number of villas in our portfolio, with some stand out properties offering consistently excellent standards of cuisine that will get your taste buds tingling. On this page you'll find our finest selection of luxury catered villas for your holidays.

Being huge fans ourselves of fine dining and, dare I say it but, a self proclaimed “foodie”......we are fully aware of just how important this aspect is to some of our clients. It is no longer about the quantity of food and enjoying a good “fuel up” to enable you to be adequately prepared to spend a hard day relaxing on the lounger. It is about experiencing food and flavours that make your mouth and mind sing! It needn’t be a gourmet extravaganza to taste amazing....just lovingly well cooked food that is prepared by someone who knows how to bring the best out of the amazing local and international ingredients that are available in the region.

Menus can be adapted to accommodate the vast diversity of dietary requirements provided by guests from around the globe. Children’s menus are prepared and supper served early so that the kids can get a good nights’ rest ahead of another busy day of building sandcastles. For the adults, if you have a particular favourite dish or cuisine then discuss this with us prior to your arrival and we will ensure that the chef does their best to fulfil your desires!

Contact us for recommendations of villas that we feel will provide you with the very best culinary standards and we happily share our own personal experiences.

Call us on +44 (0)1202 203656 and we will assist in finding your perfect luxury catered villa.

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