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Magical Mallorca - Top 10 Beaches in Majorca

Sat June 12, 2021 by Ellie Riches

best beaches in Mallorca, villa holiday Mallorca, Playa del Mago Mallorca, Mallorca Beaches

Mallorca or Majorca, whichever way you are inclined, is a sun-kissed island based off the coast of Spain. With some of the hottest weather patterns in Europe it is clear to see how this has become a favourite destination for luxury villa holidays for families and friends alike with many stunning luxury beach villas in Mallorca. During the peak summer months temperatures can soar to above 30 °C with an average temperature of approximately 24 – 25 °C throughout July and August. I wanted to give you my personal recommendations on the best beaches in Mallorca to visit during your next luxury beach villa holiday…


An Insider's Guide to North Ibiza - Luxury Villas and Things To Do

Fri April 30, 2021 by Lauren Clayton

luxury holiday North Ibiza, Ibiza Villa holiday, North Ibiza Guide, North Ibiza luxury villas

I am sure you will be in complete agreement with me that when you hear someone speaking about Ibiza, the first words that come to mind are party island and that it is the place to head to drink and dance the night away to your favourite DJ’s. However, if I then ask you about North Ibiza what then comes to your mind? Is it any different you ask? To help give us a deeper insight into this luxury holiday location I caught up with one of our partners, Andy Turner, for some further tips on why luxury villas in North Ibiza should be on the radar for your next luxury summer villa holiday.


Son Bunyola Estate - Sir Richard Branson's Luxury Mallorcan Villas

Sat August 22, 2020 by Gavin Buckingham
Son Bunyola Estate Views, Mallorca. Luxury villas in Mallorca

Sir Richard Branson is well-known for his various Virgin business including venturing out of space, but did you know that he offers tourism much closer to home? Sir Richard has built a property empire including a private hotel on a vineyard in South Africa, a ski chalet in Verbier, a luxury tented Safari Lodge in Kenya and even his own private Island in the British Virgin Islands. He offers people the chance to stay in his private properties and indulge in the kind of lifestyle that he enjoys. The clear example that really showcases the ‘Sir Richard Branson lifestyle’ are its private luxury villas in Mallorca, situated within the Son Bunyola Estate on the beautiful Balearic Island of Mallorca. Here’s a little more about it…


Where Should you go for Hot Weather at Christmas?

Thu November 22, 2018 by Dana Millard

Christmas sun destinations

When you think of Christmas, you probably think of cosying up by the fire with your family, watching classic Christmas movies and eating until your heart’s content. You would never think about being in a warm country, laying by the pool with a cocktail in hand on Christmas Day! That’s because it’s not ‘traditional’ to be in the sun on Christmas Day – but why not? We think these Christmas sun destinations sound like the perfect places to get away from the grey skies and the stress that Christmas can bring.



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