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Bob Marley singing through the speakers, a rum cocktail in hand, bright colours everywhere you look, sand between your toes and sunshine glistening off the jewelled water... That's right, you're in the Caribbean!

Made up of around 7000 islands with a mere 10% of those inhabited, you can hop on board a boat or seaplane to explore the rest! You will quite easily relax here, where if you're seen rushing around the locals will tell you to "slooow down man!" and get you into the Caribbean way of life!

Well renowned for its fantastic array of wildlife, the Caribbean is a playground for tropical birds, swaying palm trees and beautifully clear waters that are perfect for diving and snorkelling over the reef.

With an amazing climate year round, the Caribbean makes for a great sunshine getaway and is at its best between December and March - a great excuse to avoid those rainy winter months back home! To make the most of your holiday relish in the delights of a luxury Caribbean villa with stunning views, complete privacy, a host of highly trained staff to cater for your every need and an abundance of activities available to enjoy with your family.

Smell and taste the fragrant foods of the Caribbean, hike into the wilderness of trees and mountains and take in the breathtaking views from the top!

But don't be fooled into thinking the islands that make up the Caribbean are much the same, as each island has its own personality, so be sure to pick the right one for you or mix it up and visit a few different islands on your holiday!


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Luxury Villas


Luxury Villas


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Luxury Villas


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