Sunset at Ultima Corfu in Corfu Island, Greece.

Are you seeking the best ultimate luxury villas for your next holiday? Look no further. Following the concept of our sister company, Ultimate Luxury Chalets, we at Villas In Luxury have put together a blog with a selection of top properties from our ultimate luxury villas collection. These super luxury villas from around the world are designed for those discerning travellers searching for the very best properties.

Picture yourself in the most exclusive destinations across the globe, where gourmet dining, discreet service, and extraordinary experiences await. From the charming French châteaux nestled in the picturesque countryside of Provence, to the sleek mansions perched atop Thailand’s coastal cliffs, keep reading to discover our top ultra luxury villas that match your every desire…

Ultimate Luxury Villas In Greece

Ultima Corfu, Corfu

Nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Greece, Ultima Corfu emerges as one of the most impressive properties in our Ultimate Luxury Villas Collection. This outstanding ultra luxury villa promises, above all, an unparalleled luxury experience for discerning travellers. Picture this: a sprawling 1,000m² retreat perched on a sun-kissed hillside, offering a dreamy panorama of the Ionian Sea. This ultra luxury villa in Corfu reflects an immersive experience designed for groups of 12 seeking pure Grecian luxury.

Swimming pool on the left, looking out over the sea. Outdoor seating area with sea view in the middle. Bedroom with a view on the right.

Ultima Corfu is your passport to absolute privacy, ensuring an escape like no other. As soon as you step into this architectural masterpiece, you’re greeted by tiered gardens and sea-front terraces. Here, the iconic Ultima Tower provides lift access to various levels. The villa’s design flawlessly blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living, creating a haven of space and light. But the true pièce de résistance lies in Ultima Corfu’s wellness facilities. The outdoor terraces house two heated infinity pools, a Jacuzzi, a waterfall, and a yoga pergola area. Inside, a mosaic-tiled Hammam, a massage area, a gym, and a cinema room beckon guests to a world of ultimate relaxation.

Ultima Corfu is not just a luxury villa in Greece. It’s an invitation to live the Mediterranean dream. 

Villa Dante, Mykonos

Night shot of Villa Dante in Mykonos, one of the Villas In Luxury's Ultimate Luxury Villas.

Strategically positioned in the southern coast of Mykonos, Villa Dante redefines your expectations of ultimate luxury villas. Thanks to a five-star hotel service and panoramic views over the Aegean Sea, this property will leave you speechless. Here, privacy takes centre stage as the estate is cleverly divided into individual properties, providing an expansive, yet intimate setting. With seven bedrooms in total to accommodate up to 14 guests, this luxury villa becomes a personal sanctuary where every moment is tailored to perfection. Every aspect of this unquestionably grand estate has been designed to allow guests to experience luxury at its finest.

Outside pool overlooking the sea on the left. Living space in the middle. Bath with a view on the right.

As one of our ultimate luxury villa rentals in Mykonos, Villa Dante is also made for entertainment. Engage in friendly competition with games facilities like table tennis and table football on the main terrace. Afterwards, discover the unique half-size basketball court tucked away in the shade. For those cosy evenings in, the cinema lounge boasts tiered seating and a projector to provide movie nights that are nothing short of spectacular.

Create unforgettable memories in this exquisite luxury villa in Greece. Every detail is crafted for your utmost enjoyment and relaxation.

Ultimate Luxury Villas In France

Le Grand Jardin, Cannes

Fortress of Le Grand Jardin, a luxury villa in France, at night.

We couldn’t compose a list of ultimate luxury villas without including Le Grand Jardin. Meaning ‘The Great Garden’, this villa lies on the shores of the UNESCO protected Island of St. Marguerite. If peace and tranquillity is what you’re looking for, then this exclusive Cannes retreat will offer you just that. Sleeping up to 24 guests across 12 elegant bedrooms, this ultimate French villa is the only private property on the island.

The estate unfolds across seven distinct buildings, each with unique charm and an intriguing history. Dating back to the 13th century, the property was once home to monks and historical figures, including Louis XIV and the 15th-century Dukes of Guise. Legends and stories around this secret sanctuary are many. One intriguing rumour claims the famous “Man in the Iron Mask” was once held prisoner in this exclusive villa’s fortress!

Living room, outdoor pool and bedroom with a view

Upon entering the estate, you’ll be transported back in time, enveloped by the ancient 13th-century walls. Inside, a harmonious blend of modern luxury interiors awaits. The enchanting design echoes the undeniably minimalist charm typical of the best luxury villas in the South of France.

Step into this super luxury villa in France, and prepare yourself to embark on a journey through French history; where timeless elegance and modern luxury intertwine.

Les Bords du Lac, South-West France

The ultimate luxury villa, Le Bords du Lac in the South-West of France

Next in line is the enchanting world of Les Bords du Lac, where contemporary allure, meets the relaxed California lifestyle. Above all, this gorgeous luxury villa in France offers stunning sights to behold around every corner. Vibrant interiors and curated artwork by local talents add a distinctive touch to this picturesque villa. In paying homage to historic French architecture, this exclusive luxury villa creates a particularly personal touch for guests to experience.

Image of the private outdoor pool with sun loungers; Stylish kitchen with island; One of the meticulously designed bedrooms

Another key aspect of Les Bords du Lac is the location. Positioned on the lakefront of Hossegor, a mere stone’s throw from the Plage Blanche, it is the epitome of a laid-back and luxurious villa holiday in the South West of France.

Boasting its own inviting swimming pool, Les Bords du Lac is the ultimate sanctuary for lovers of surf, sand, and bespoke luxury. Moreover, this luxury French villa can accommodate up to 12 adults and 2 children within its seven chic bedrooms. It’s ideal for a luxury family villa holiday.

Experience ultimate luxury living at Le Bords du Lac, where sophistication meets a perfectly idyllic location.

Ultimate Luxury Villas In Thailand

Villa Amarapura, Phuket

Villa Amarapura within the Cape Yamu Estate in Phuket

Indulge in quintessential Thai hospitality as Villa Amarapura invites you to immerse yourself in ultimate luxury and comfort. As one of the top super luxury villas, guests here will indulge in a retreat like no other. Welcoming up to 14 adults, this breathtaking beach front retreat will, without a doubt, make a perfect choice for large families looking for a luxury winter sun holiday in Phuket.

Outdoor pool with sun loungers overlooking the sea. Interior lounge with stunning sea view. Bedroom with a view.

Located in the exclusive Cape Yamu Estate, Villa Amarapura boasts an impressive 2,570m² of luxurious living space. Adorned with sculptures, artwork, and pottery, the main living area gives an authentic Thai feeling. Meanwhile, the expansive infinity pool, sprawling terraces, and meticulously landscaped gardens will leave you speechless. Embrace the pinnacle of luxury, as unparalleled comfort and serenity will ensure an unforgettable escape.

Bask in the breathtaking vistas of Phang Nga Bay, where azure waters meet the horizon, in a captivating dance of colours. Your ultimate luxury villa rental in Thailand awaits.

With so many incredible properties, finding the best luxury villas rentals around the world is a tough task. But, here it is in one blog, the crème de la crème! From the finest 5-star service and ultra luxury facilities, to exceptional and sought-after locations, our villas offer an ultra high-standard that you wouldn’t be able to experience anywhere else.

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