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Lefkas nestles away in the centre of the main Ionian Islands and is the only island linked to mainland Greece. A swing bridge gives easy access by road, with the newly extended and refurbished airport of Preveza about a 30 minute drive. The island and the surrounding area has a lot to offer - anything from sailing, windsurfing, cycling, scuba-diving, walking, exploring ancient archaeological sites or just that lazy beach holiday. You will probably find some of the most picturesque views around, looking out from the calmer waters of the east coast overlooking the famous Onassis island of Scorpios. The other islands and mainland Greece in contrast on the west coast you will find the best beaches and most spectacular sunsets.

Lefkas means 'white' and the island's white rock makes its cliffs attractive. Lefkas is an astonishingly beautiful island with quiet country villages and wild, empty beaches along the west coast. Lefkas Town is the capital of the island. Lefkada is also known for its perfect sailing conditions.

Lefkas South
The south coast of Lefkas is a jigsaw of long inlets with sheltered harbours and beaches nestling beneath pine carpeted hills. To the east is Sivota, a favourite port of call for yachting flotillas and, in the west Vassiliki, host to the world windsurf championships and beyond that the wild, windswept peninsula that ends at Cape Lefkas. A good road runs down the east coat providing easy access but the south west resorts are more tricky as the roads become more narrow and steep.

NIDRI, on the island's east coast, is the biggest cosmopolitan resort and has a lovely setting at the mouth of the long and impressive inlet of Vlycho bay. The little town of Nidri is the most popular resort of Lefkada, it attracts thousands of visors every summer with its beautiful sandy beach with crystalline waters where you can enjoy an amazing view over the islets of Heloni, Scorpio, Sparti, Scorpidi and Madouri. The lovely little port of Nidri is full of small fishing boats, luxury yachts and sailboats. Various events are organised during the summer in Nidri, from religious celebrations to cultural performances.

Lefkas West Coast
Wilder and windier than the east, the west coast has the island's best beaches, though many are relatively difficult to find and some require a steep climb down the cliffs to reach them. Much tamer in the north west, they get progressively wilder as you head south. The reward for those that tackle the narrow hairpins of the west coast road are staggering views from the cliffs and breathtaking beaches below that many rank as among some of the best in the Mediterranean, if not the World.

The sands at KATHISMA are some of the most popular on Lefkas, wide, and deep for more than a kilometre with pebbles and sand on the shore and sand underfoot out to sea. Kathisma beach often makes it into the top ten in votes on the Med's most beautiful beaches and it's easy to see why with its long, deep, flat sands and attractive rock formations.

The village of POROS is full of narrow alleys and beautiful traditional houses built on steep wooded slopes overlooking the attractive Rouda Bay with the islet of Arkoudi to the south. The nearby church of Analipsi has some remarkable icons, in particular one of the Virgin Mary dating from the 17th century. In the nearby village of Pirgi are ruins of an ancient olive mill and the remains of a Venetian castle.

VASSILIKI, is about 38km from Lefkas Town and is the island's main watersports resort. Huge numbers of windsurfers take advantage of the bay during high summer which, thanks to local geography, is often calm in the mornings and windy in the afternoons. The long beach is gently shelving but stony and rough, and ideal for surfers as the sea is just thigh deep for many metres out. The busiest months are July and August when the bay is packed with windsurfers. There are windsurfing clubs and rental outfits and plenty of boats and catamarans for hire.

The spectacular white beach at PORTO KATSIKI is an astonishingly beautiful sight and one of the most attractive beaches on Lefkas. Access has improved with a recently asphalted road to the top of the cliff where a car park and snack bar cantinas await.

The road west out of Lefkas Town takes you through TSOUKALADES, a pleasant but unremarkable village with a small and equally unremarkable beach at KAMINIA and eventually reaches AGIOS NIKITAS, one the most attractive resorts on the north west coast of Lefkas and just 12km from Lefkas Town. Just over the hill south of Agios Nikitas is the coarse sand and pebble beach of MILOS, one of a trio along with Agios Nikitas and Kathisma to the south that form one of the finest stretches of sand on Lefkas. Milos beach is also a big favourite with windsurfers and kitesurfers and there are few days in the high season when the sea is not humming with activity along the main stretch.

If you keep heading south you eventually arrive at the bleak, barren CAPE LEFKASwhere cliffs drop abruptly 70 odd metres into the sea. It was from here that the poet Sappho leapt into the water to cure herself of unrequited love - the original Lover's Leap so to speak. Minimise Location Map
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