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Mustique is a small, private island, which makes up part of a collective of islands called St Vincent and the Grenadines in the West Indies. A truly stunning and intimate location, it's the perfect exotic paradise to enjoy serenity and quiet times with friends and family. The exceptional level of services provided here and the picturesque surroundings make Mustique a fantastic destination for those special occasions, whether it's a wedding, honeymoon, birthday, or just a wonderful holiday, you won't want to leave!

To get here you will need to fly into Barbados or St Lucia and transfer from those neighbouring islands. There are two airlines that fly here daily; Mustique Company Shuttle and Grenadine Airlines. If you're arriving by private jet, you can disembark in Barbados and arrange for a shuttle plane to collect you.

The island of Mustique is made up of 1400 acres of lush tropical island fauna with glorious beaches and luxurious retreats. There are only two small hotels on the island and around 100 private villas. In the ocean, you can explore the plethora of sea life and get up close to the local tortoises. A small population, there is only around 500 habitants on the island that mostly live in the villages of Lovell, Britannia Bay and Dover.

Stepping foot on the white sand and splashing your toes in the jewelled water, you will soon take to the islands spirit in that anything goes here! With such a relaxed and private way of life its easy to see why its such a popular destination of many celebs, including Prince William and Kate, Mick Jagger, Bryan Adams, Jeremy Clarkson and Amy Winehouse.

If you can tear yourself away from the magnificently catered luxury villas, put on your party dress and head for cocktails at Basil's Bar, which is host to some vibrant evenings, especially during the Blues festival in late January/early February! Let the kids wind down from their day in the sun whilst watching a movie at the open air cinema on Friday nights, or enjoy a movie yourself with movies for adults playing on Saturday nights.

There are a host of activities on offer here with anything from horse riding along the beach, a match of tennis, swimming, snorkelling and diving in the bays, spa treatments and much more! With so many beautiful neighbouring islands, you can also take boat trips out to explore - don't miss the turtles at Tobago Cays!

From the island, you might be lucky enough to spot the shipwreck of SS Antilles, which hit a reef off the coast of Mustique back in 1971. Thankfully all crew and passengers were evacuated safely - and not a bad spot to be stranded, hey!

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