An Insider's Guide to North Ibiza - Luxury Villas and Things To Do

Fri June 16, 2017 by Hannah Harris

I am sure you will be in complete agreement with me that when you hear someone speaking about Ibiza, the first words that come to mind are party island and it is the place to head to drink and dance the night away to your favourite DJ’s. However, if I then ask you about North Ibiza what then comes to your mind? Is it any different you ask? To help give us a deeper insight into this luxury holiday location I caught up with one of our partners, Andy Turner, for some further tips on why luxury villas in North Ibiza should be on the radar for your next luxury summer villa holiday.

With thick woodland lining the north coast of Ibiza and an array of artist studios, organic cafes and book shops lining the streets you will soon begin to realise that North Ibiza is a very different location to the party island you have come to associate Ibiza with. If you are looking for a luxury villa holiday in Ibiza which entails the perfect rural escape with an abundance of wildlife and an ample amount of fresh produce to get your hands on then North Ibiza is the luxury destination for you.

Typically Ibiza is known as a party island so for people who don’t know Northern Ibiza how would you best describe it Andy?

It is true that some areas of Ibiza have a big party atmosphere and it will continue to be known by many as a party island. However the North of the island has a completely different vibe. More bohemian and laid-back, the North of Ibiza not only includes beautiful unspoilt beaches, it also has an equally stunning interior scenery with forests of pines and small country roads weaving through the hills.

What group profile would you say is best suited to Northern Ibiza?

The North of Ibiza suits everyone from young edgy bohemians to those wishing to escape from frantic corporate or city lives, to chilled out old timers and ex-hippies. It has a growing group of followers who practice yoga and pilates and the North has also become a mecca for people interested in wellness and good health.


How would you suggest someone spends an ideal summer day in Ibiza?

The morning sun on the Northern coast is best enjoyed while walking one of the many trails that offer sweeping sea views. There are many lunch spots to choose from, whether you want to sit by the sea and enjoy fresh shellfish, or head inland to one of Ibiza’s popular organic restaurants with al fresco dining under the trees. Lunch is a very laid back meal and can take a few hours in Ibiza. Las Dalias hippy market is a great post-lunch place to visit, and is full of artisan Ibizan goodies as well as lots of local character. Finally, head to Benirras beach for the famous sundown festival, with drums and dancing on the beach and a great Ibizan atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.

What is your favourite activity on offer?

I like to head to any of the Northern coast beaches and swim in the sea. Cala Nova is always a fun place as the sea is so warm, you can swim for hours and there’s also a lovely seafood restaurant for lunch.


Which are your favourite restaurants in Northern Ibiza?

Inland, I like La Paloma in San Lorenzo, located in a beautiful setting where you can enjoy views over the countryside and scents of citrus whilst enjoying some delicious food, Balafia near Sant Joan, which is ideal for meat eaters as the home grown meat is cooked on the bbq and then combined with delicious salads and Macao Cafe in San Gertrudis, for some delicious continental and Italian cuisine.

On the coast, Atzaro Restaurant in Cala Nova, where you can sit back and relax enjoying the chilled atmosphere whilst soaking up the beautiful sea views and Amante Beach Club in above Sol Den Serra beach, near Santa Eularia, which is ideal for enjoying a glass of chilled Champagne accompanied with some Mediterranean cuisine.

Do you have a must try local food/drink when visiting the Island?

The fish is always very fresh. Bullit de Peix is a traditional fish stew which is amazing and a real local delicacy. Local lamb is always very good too, often barbecued with rosemary and olive oil. A must have drink after food is the Hierbas Ibicencas, a local liqueur drunk in a shot glass, which is made and produced in Ibiza using herbs from the island.

If you had one tip for first time visitors to the area what would it be?

Relax …. you don’t go to Ibiza and stay in the North if you want a frantic holiday schedule. There’s really no rush.


Take a look below to see one of the most luxurious villas in North Ibiza, which is run by Andy Turner.


If you are looking for a spectacular summer holiday in North Ibiza then look no further than the luxury Villa Blue Bay, located in its own private estate and positioned perfectly above the cliff tops offering sensational views.

Not only does Villa Blue Bay offer fantastic facilities, which include an infinity swimming pool, a second 40m swimming pool, a floodlit tennis court, mini golf course and sauna, but also includes direct access to its own secluded cove for watersports and relaxation.

If you do manage to tear yourself away from the paradise that is Villa Blue Bay, for a spot of sightseeing of North Ibiza, then make sure to use the complimentary Jeep Wrangler that is left for the guests disposal.

So there we have it, a great look into why North Ibiza is the ideal destination for your next luxury summer holiday. If you fancy exploring this stunning area this summer then give one of the friendly Villas In Luxury team a call on +44 01202 203656 or drop us an email.


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